Wellhead Gas Recovery

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Wellhead gas recovery project, that is, wellhead gas treatment and recovery to produce CNG, liquefied gas and stable light hydrocarbons, the design scale is 5-10MMSCFD. The factory includes process equipment and supporting auxiliary engineering and public engineering equipment. The designed annual operating time of the device is 8000 hours, and the operating flexibility is 60% to 120%.


All equipment of the natural gas recovery plant is designed according to skid-mounted, intelligent, integrated and modular design. The entire station has a high level of installation and commissioning, equipment safety and reliability, system operation stability, user-friendly operation interface, and wide range of applicable working conditions.

Technical parameters:

We have the manufacturing capability of complete sets of natural gas and natural gasoline recovery device with the capacity of 10,000-220,000m3/day. 
We own the capability and rich practical experience of process design capability, linkage trial run and training service.



★ Pressure regulator at well site  ★Pre-separation unit at plant inlet  ★Feed gas booster  ★CNG compressor  ★ Molecular sieve dryer  ★Propane refrigerator  ★Fractionation unit 

★CNG storage and transportation unit  ★LPG storage and transportation unit  ★Natural gasoline storage  and transportation unit  ★Waste heat recovery system  ★Gas generator set  


★Instrument air system  ★ Softener water system  ★ Fire pump skid  ★ Power distribution system  ★ Control system  

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.