Soil Stabilizing Agents

Soil stabilizer is a soil hardening agent that directly acts on soil particles and clay minerals to react to form gel material, which makes soil solidified.
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1.High strength, high bearing capacity and high stability.

2.Low cost, the use of waste soil, waste residue, silt, construction waste and other materials, greatly reduce the cost of raw materials.
3. Widely applicable, can be used for all kinds of soil ( loess, silt, soft soil, sand, frozen soil, acid soil, alkaline soil and waste residue, slag, sludge, etc. ).
4.The construction technology is simple, fast, short construction period, rolling can be paved, asphalt surface can be opened to traffic.

5. Environmental protection. This product is non-toxic, tasteless and non-corrosive, does not pollute the environment, does not damage the ecology, and digests all kinds of waste soil and construction waste in urban construction.


1. Physical state : light brown viscous liquid.
( 2 ) Type : ion type.
3. Scent : None.
4. Flammability : No.
5. Volatilization : < 1.
6. Solubility : soluble in water.
7. Safety : non-toxic, non-corrosive.
8. Stability : Stabilization at room temperature. Solids may appear after freezing, melting and boiling, without affecting use.


Highway construction, dam works, oil exploitation, landfill, dust prevention and sand fixation, river silt, construction waste, industrial waste slag disposal

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