• Feb 22,2022 Introduction of EboomYa Molecular Sieve Dehydration Unit
    Molecular sieve dehydration is the use of porous molecular sieve solid absorbent to remove water in natural gas, to achieve the purpose of purifying gas and reducing water dew point; Molecular sieve dehydration is suitable for natural gas liquid recovery [NGL], natural gas liquefaction [LNG], compressed natural gas [CNG], It is placed in front of the compressor to deeply remove the trace mois...

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  • Jan 10,2022 The key points for improving the Precision of CNC and machining centers
    Normally, the normal use of CNC machine tools must meet the conditions of small fluctuations in the power supply voltage where the machine is located, the ambient temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, and the relative temperature below 80%. The machine tool has high requirements for the processing or assembly environment. 1.The requirements for the installation position of CNC machine tools First ...
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  • Jan 04,2022 Flare Gas Recovery and Processing
    Well Head Gas Challenges Flaring of wellhead gas is one of the biggest challenges facing the global oil industry today. Typically a by-product of oil extraction, wellhead gas flaring dumps large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, and pumps out carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and soot. Billions of cubic meters of wellhead gas are unnecessarily flared worldwide every year. We...

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  • Dec 27,2021 EboomYa explosion-proof motor product classification, series and characteristics
    Explosion-proof motor is a kind of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive places, and it does not generate electric sparks during operation. Explosion-proof motors are mainly used in coal mines, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, it is also widely used in sectors such as textiles, metallurgy, urban gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, papermaking,...
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  • Dec 07,2021 Increase Process Improvement And Deepen Separation Processing Technology
    With the backflow of the treated concentrate, the concentration of the raw water of the landfill leachate is continuously increasing. Part of the concentrated liquid has exceeded the inflow limit of the secondary reverse osmosis treatment device, resulting in the treated CODcr and ammonia nitrogen and other indicators higher than the CODcr ≤ 100mg stipulated in the "Landfill Pollution Control Stan...
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  • Nov 29,2021 EboomYa and Enric jointly launched MW-15.5/65 Air Compressor
    This type of equipment is a new product jointly designed and produced by EboomYa and Enric. The whole machine adopts advanced and reliable parts and is carefully designed with advanced design methods. It has high efficiency, strong reliability, high degree of automation, and vulnerable parts. Fewer, less vibration, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. The Air Compressor adopts M-t...
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  • Aug 18,2021 Wellhead Gas Skid-mounted Integrated Equipment System Solution
    Process flow of wellhead gas liquefaction device Process description: The feed gas from the wellhead passes through a desander, a water jacket furnace, separates solid particles and free water, and then enters the purification process system through pressure adjustment and metering, and then undergoes decarburization, mercury removal, dehydration, heavy hydrocarbon removal, etc. To meet the liquef...
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  • Aug 10,2021 EboomYa Team Provides Non-conventional Natural Gas Solution for Dagang Oilfield
    BACKGROUND Dagang Oilfield invested in the construction of a CNG refueling mother station in the gas field in Hebei. The feed gas for the parent station comes from a high-pressure gas well, and the pressure of the feed gas is between 8 and 20 MPa, and the gas contains more heavy hydrocarbons. CHANLLENGE The feed gas in the high-pressure gas well contains heavy hydrocarbons (C3~C6). After being pre...
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  • Jul 13,2021 LNG gasification station by EboomYa
    The EboomYa team signed a contract for a complete set of equipment for the LNG gasification station. The maximum air supply per hour of this set of equipment is 11000-13000Nm3/h, the maximum is 15000Nm3/h. The main equipment of LNG gasification station includes 8 LNG storage tanks (total 1200m3), 4 storage tank boosters 500Nm³/h, 1 1000Nm³/h EAG heater, 1 1000Nm³/h BOG heater, 4 sets Unloading boo...
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