L-CNG Filling Station

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It can convert LNG to CNG, fill CNG car gas storage tanks with CNG, and provide other convenient services. Our company can provide all equipment and services for L-CNG filling stations, including LNG storage tanks, plunger pump skids, high pressure gasifier skids, sequence control panels, cylinder banks, CNG compressors, station control systems, and on-site stations Installation and debugging, etc., through the combination of the above equipment, the conversion from LNG to CNG, CNG storage, CNG filling and other functions can be realized. At the same time, our company can provide LNG / L-CNG joint construction station, so that LNG and CNG can be injected into the same station at the same time.

LCNG filling station adopts standardized design and production; 
* Low temperature and high pressure plunger pump, valve, pipeline,instrument cabinet, etc. into one skid. High pressure gasifier, water bath electric heater, high pressure EAG, priority panel and other equipment integrated into one skid; 
* Equipped with flammable gas detector ,temperature sensor, overpressure protection and emergency stop for safety.
* Advanced technology - shock absorption and noise reduction,safe and reliable;
* Skid mounted - ready to use, small footprint, convenient and fast;
* Eliminate gas blockage - long life of pump head packing;
* High degree of automation unattended operation.

Technical Parameters:

No. Name Number Type Application Key Equipment Station Capacity
1 LNG Fueling Station EPC0702001 LNG Station Solution
heavy truckscity bus,coach, Cryogenic submersible pumpLow temperature storage tankLNG DispenserDouble pump skidStation BOG recycling skid
2 L-CNG filling station EPC0702002 L-CNG Station Solution
heavy truckscity bus,coach,Private Fleet Station/Pubilc Retail Station serving sedans,pickups,taxi,trucks,light/medium duty vehiles L-CNG plunger pump skid,L-CNG high-pressure gasification skid,Cryogenic submersible pumpLow temperature storage tankLNG Dispenser,CNG dispenser
3 LNG gasification station EPC0702003 LNG gasification station solution
heavy truckscity bus,coach,
LNG dump truck skidStorage tank pressurized skidMeasuring pressure regulating skidair type vaporizerwater bath type vaporizer
4 LNG receiving station EPC0702004 LNG receiving station Solution

Unloading arm, storage tank, low-pressure transfer pump, high-pressure transfer pump, vaporizer, BOG compressor, flare tower

Optional configurations:
* Cryogenic submersible pump
* low temperature storage tank
* dispenser
* Double pump skid
* Plunger pump skid

Operating process:

LNG&CNG filling for heavy trucks,city bus,coach,Private Fleet Station/Pubilc Retail Station serving sedans,pickups,taxi,trucks,light/medium duty vehiles

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