Mobile CNG Filling Station

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Mobile CNG Fueling Station is the compressed natural gas one which gets the CNG from gas pipelines, then fill the CNG automobiles after pressurizing or storaging in the fixed cascade cylinders. Process system consists of: Metering & pressure regulating equipment, desulfurizing and dewatering equipment, natural gas compressor, CNG storage equipment, priority panel, CNG filling equipment, safety protection equipment, electrical equipment, CNG pipelines and accessories etc.

1、Safety and Reliability—All wearing parts are those made by famous company, and service life can be reached 600-8000 hours.
2、Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation—Small vibration, low noise, economical operating cost.
3、Structural Diversity—V type, W type and C type etc.
4High Automation—Siemens PLC, ABB soft starter (or frequency conversion), Acousto-optic alarm with system stop when the fault happens.

Technical Parameters:

Flow Chart:

1、One Set Capacity: 100~2000Nm3/h
2、Driving Power: 45~280KW

3、Inlet Pressure: 0.05-4.0Mpa
4 、Power Supply: Voltage: 380/220V
5 、Medium: Natural gas (comply with the standard of GB17820-Class Ⅱ)

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