LNG Fueling Station

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Gas filling function: the LNG in the storage tank is pumped out and pressurized by the LNG cryogenic pump, and then the car is filled with liquid through the filling machine
Unloading function: the cryogenic pump pumps the LNG from the LNG tanker to the LNG storage tank
Pressurization function: Inject part of the LNG in the storage tank into the vaporizer to vaporize into BOG (Boil Off Gas) into the storage tank, and stop when the storage tank pressure reaches the set pressure
Temperature adjustment function: Use LNG cryogenic pump to pump out part of LNG from the storage tank and inject it into the temperature increaser and then enter the storage tank, and stop when the liquid temperature reaches the set temperature.
Generally pure LNG refueling station consists of: LNG storage tank, pump skid and submersible pump, storage tank booster vaporizer, unloading vaporizer, EAG heater (different process flow, these three vaporizers will also have corresponding changes), liquid filling Machine and other components.

* High safety coefficient: Core components are international and 
domestic famous brands.
* Fast unloading: 20 tons of LNG trailer, unloading time is not 
exceed 2.5 hours;
* High degree of automation – unattended operation, except for 
* Long service time: Trouble-free operation time is more than 
10000 hours

Technical Parameters:

No. Name Number Type Application Key Equipment Station Capacity
1 LNG Fueling Station EPC0702001 LNG Station Solution
heavy truckscity bus,coach, Cryogenic submersible pumpLow temperature storage tankLNG DispenserDouble pump skidStation BOG recycling skid
2 L-CNG filling station EPC0702002 L-CNG Station Solution
heavy truckscity bus,coach,Private Fleet Station/Pubilc Retail Station serving sedans,pickups,taxi,trucks,light/medium duty vehiles L-CNG plunger pump skid,L-CNG high-pressure gasification skid,Cryogenic submersible pumpLow temperature storage tankLNG Dispenser,CNG dispenser
3 LNG gasification station EPC0702003 LNG gasification station solution
heavy truckscity bus,coach,
LNG dump truck skidStorage tank pressurized skidMeasuring pressure regulating skidair type vaporizerwater bath type vaporizer
4 LNG receiving station EPC0702004 LNG receiving station Solution

Unloading arm, storage tank, low-pressure transfer pump, high-pressure transfer pump, vaporizer, BOG compressor, flare tower

Operating process:

LNG filling for heavy trucks,city bus,coach,

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.