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The gas meter shell uses automobile galvanized sheet, which has stronger corrosion resistance; adopts automatic electrostatic spraying process, uniform spraying at one time, adding secondary anti-corrosion layer with beautiful appearance. The sealing ring of gas meter shell is made of stainless steel, the gas surface film adopts low temperature film, which is highly adaptable to ambient temperature; after the movement side cover is glued, rivets are used to strengthen the fixed connection to ensure that the small flow does not leak and the accuracy is qualified.

Product Performance

(1) High reliability, able to work in harsh environments of high temperature, low temperature and oily smoke. Ensure that the IC card gas meter works stably.
(2) The use of logical encryption card as the carrier of information ensures the security of data transmission.
(3) It has the functions of voltage detection, magnetic protection, insufficient air volume alarm, undervoltage protection, etc. When the IC card is inserted and removed maliciously, no data loss will occur.
(4) Alkaline battery is used as the working power source. The user can replace the battery by himself, which is convenient to use and solves the problem of the built-in battery not closing the valve due to the exhaustion of power.
(5) The IC card adopts logical encryption settings to prevent illegal copying of the card. The gas meter fully implements one meter and one card. The IC card socket has good dust-proof protection, moderate elasticity, durable and waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-smoke, anti-corrosion, anti-magnetic, and good anti-interference performance.

Technical Parameters

Main Functions
* Alerting function
① Low battery power
② Low gas capacity
③ Maloperation and card error
④ Valve closing 
* Protection function
* Display function


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