Steam Heat Generator

The steam source is a "module boiler", the main features:
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Steam Heat Generator:

The steam source machine adopts the technology of "once-through Steam Generation" , which makes the tap water flow produce steam in an instant after passing through the heat exchanger. The steam boiler needs to pass through the pressure vessel to form the steam pressure to produce the high temperature steam, and the steam source directly produces the high temperature steam, does not need the pressure vessel to form the steam pressure The steam source can realize almost zero loss of heat in the process of steam transmission, so it can maintain relatively continuous and stable water supply temperature in central water supply and central heating application, according to the actual use of frequency conversion to open the number of modules to provide mutual conversion of heat energy; with domestic exclusive patents, independent module steam-water separation technology, independent hot water recovery system, ensure steam quality and steam enthalpy.


1.Easy to operate: one-key switch, electronic automatic ignition, automatic water intake, easy to use without special guard, intelligent control;

2.On-demand heating: With the switch, eliminate waste, want to use how much open, accurate heating, thermal efficiency of more than 98% ;

3.Non-inspection safety, environmental protection and Energy Saving: non-pressure vessels, no need to report for annual inspection, no pollutant discharge, save the cost of maintenance and annual inspection;

4.Long Service Life: The main material of the equipment is stainless steel, under normal operation, the service life of the equipment is up to 8-10 years;

5.Modular design: Integral Modular design, high reliability, easy maintenance;

6.SAFE and reliable: Multiple Safety Protection measures to ensure the safety of equipment and operators;

7.Top speed 5 seconds out of steam: energy-efficient without preheating, 5 seconds out of steam boot, comprehensive energy saving up to 30%.

Technical Parameters:

PROUCT NAME PRODUCT NUMBER PRODUCT TYPE Contour dimension Power consumption Rated Voltage Evaporation capacity Vapor pressure UNIT OTHERS

Steam heat generator
ES06020010001A Energy saving 2040mm×1240mm×1940mm 2.88kw 220V 1300kg 0.8MPa   Set
ES06020010001B Energy saving 2040mm×1240mm×1940mm 2.88kw 220V 1000kg 0.8MPa   Set
ES06020010001C Energy saving 1212mm×1240mm×1925mm 1.53kw 220V 540kg 0.8MPa   Set
ES06020010001D Energy saving 930mm×1240mm×1925mm 0.92kw 220V 360kg 0.8MPa  Set
ES06020010001E Energy saving 860mm×330mm×760mm 0.25kw 220V 52kg 0.8MPa   Set

Process flow:


Hot Water

sauna,sweat evaporation,fitness bath,swimming pool constant temperature.dormitory water,etc.


Electroplating factory hot water drying food factory sterilization,disinfection,baking.distillery steaming.such as pharmaceutical.

Steaming and cooking

Steamed dimsum,steamed seafood,steamed rice,congee,food canteen steamed rice and so on.


Home Bathroom Heating,hotel and guesthouse,factory building heating.

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