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Natural gas comes from pipeline network or wellhead, after filtration, metering and drying etc, goes through pulsation bottle, compressed by compressor packages, fuels CNG trailer by time fill post finally.
  • CNG compressor manufacturer
    Mother Station Compressor
    Features horizontally symmetrical balanced structure,low vibration and low noise. convenient for management and maintenance, and easy for disassembly and assembly. skid-mounted, no welding piping on site, easy installation and debugging. overhead cooler, which has a small footprint, compact structure and simple layout. Cylinder lubrication adopts l1
  • CNG compressor manufacturer
    Mother station compressor
    Technical Parameters: *  Skid-mounted, with less vibration and easy for maintenance; *  Coated with plastics, the cabinet is water-proof; no welding point during on-site assembly; *  Capacity: 100-6000Nm3/h *  Driving power: 45-400kW Configuration: *  It consists of bare compressor, explosion-proof motor, cooling system, ga1

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