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CNG, CBM, BIOGAS, wellhead, LNG, H2
  • Lamp
    Machine tool lighting
    1.Description  Fire emergency light new national standard led double head emergency lighting safety exit evacuation power outage household rechargeable 2.Features ■Emergency storage ■Metallic LED chip 3.Technical Parameters Power: 5W Light source type: 5050LED chip Battery specification: 1.20V 800mAH Opening distance: 200mm Rated power: AC220V1
  • Light tube
    Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp
    1.Description  Explosion-proof lamp T8led1X40W2X40W double tube flameproof explosion-proof fluorescent lamp three-proof lamp warehouse workshop garage 2.Features ■Strong explosion-proof performance ■High light efficiency ■Long life 3.Technical Parameters Length: 70/100/130mm Product voltage: AC220V/50-60HZ 4.Applications Factories, coal mines,1
  • Flashlight
    1.Description  LED headlight strong light rechargeable induction miner's lamp night fishing head-mounted waterproof super bright flashlight rice hernia 2.Features ■Strong endurance ■Smart sensor 3.Technical Parameters Range: 350-500m Life time: 7-15h Actual power: 5W/10W 4.Applications Camping

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