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CNG, CBM, BIOGAS, wellhead, LNG, H2
  • Wire cutters
    Wire Cutters
    1.Description  SATA hardware tool pliers 6/7/8 inch multifunctional labor saving wire cutters vise bolt cutters 70301A 2.Features ■The chromium vanadium steel is upgraded to chromium nickel steel, which has better rust resistance and long life ■The shear stress has increased significantly, becoming a wire killer ■Two-color material handle, fee1
  • Wire cutters
    Welding Clamp
    1.Description  Welding tongs are not hot, small electric welding machines, welding handle pliers, pure copper 800A, industrial grade welding clamp, copper 300A/500A 2.Features ■Copper one-piece forging, anti-drop and durable ■Alligator mouth clip design, high bite strength, the welding rod will not fall off ■Heat is concentrated on the head, i1

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