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  • Copper Gasket
    304 Stainless Steel Washer
    Description: Stainless Steel gasket is a kind of stainless steel SUS301 or SUS304 made of sheet-shaped, long or circle-shaped sheet, thickness tolerance is more precise, with high precision, tensile strength, good finish, toughness, not easy to break the characteristics. Commonly used in electronic equipment, mold manufacturing, precision machinery1
  • Copper Gaskets -EBOOMYA
    Copper Gaskets
    Description: Copper gasket is a gasket with an outer diameter of 0.0 -0.1. The softness of the copper gasket can fill the uneven surface of the flange. Features: 1. Solid Copper gasket used in vacuum flange outstanding effect; 2. Copper gasket flexibility, can fill the surface of the uneven flange; 3. Copper gasket processing convenient, any specif1

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