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  • disc tube reverse osmosis
    disc tube reverse osmosis
    DTRO has the advantages of anti-pollution and anti-scaling.The membrane component is easy to maintain and can be replaced and reused separately.The membrane component is easy to clean and the performance parameters are restored well.Wide range of applications, stable product water quality.
    OC membrane technology is based on its open runner and coil structure design, giving it superior anti-pollution capability and more membrane area.OC membrane components are divided into OCL and OCW series products according to application conditions.OCL series is mainly used for high COD wastewater such as landfill leachate treatment, and OCW serie1
  • RO device -EBOOMYA
    RO device
    Reverse Osmosis membrane separation technology, can effectively remove the water ions, inorganic, colloidal particles, bacteria and organic substances.
  • Electric flocculation equipment -EBOOMYA
    Electric flocculation equipment
    Electric flocculation reaction principle is based on aluminum, iron and other metal anode, in direct current (dc), under the action of anodic dissolution, plasma, Al, Fe in the series of hydrolysis, aggregation, and ferrous oxidation process, and developed into all kinds of hydroxy complex, polynuclear hydroxy complex that hydroxyl, the colloidal i1
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Distillation System -EBOOMYA
    Cryogenic Vacuum Distillation System
    Cryogenic vacuum distillation system is a clean, safe and widely used technology with obvious advantages such as low power consumption and low cost. It can recover high-quality distilled water and other raw materials from industrial wastewater and, in most cases, can also be used as a "zero discharge" treatment system.

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  • Efficiency Evaporation And Concentration Equipment -EBOOMYA
    Efficiency Evaporation And Concentration Equipment
    EVCO module system equipment can provide customized services for customers;The equipment is compact and easy to operate.Forced circulation prevents pipeline scaling;Steam closed circulation reduces energy consumption, up to 95% energy recycling;The equipment adopts PLC control, intelligent operation;Automatic chemical cleaning makes the operation m1
  • Electrodialysis Equipment -EBOOMYA
    Electrodialysis Equipment
    Electrodialysis is an ion migration process driven by electric energy, and its power consumption is generally proportional to the electrolyte content in water.When desalting brackish water, energy consumption is very low, so it is widely used in water desalination and desalination, such as seawater desalination, brackish water desalination to make 1
  • Elec-Trodialysis with Bipolar Membrane -EBOOMYA
    Elec-Trodialysis with Bipolar Membrane
    Elec-Trodialysis with Bipolar Membrane is not only used to prepare acids and alkalis, but also widely used in the fields of resource recovery, chemical production and pollution control.
  • Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment -EBOOMYA
    Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment
    The improved AO process, combined with membrane bioreactor technology (MBR), has good denitrification and phosphorus removal performance.Membrane separation was used to replace the secondary sedimentation tank for solid-liquid separation, and the effluent bacteria, suspended matter and turbidity were close to zero, with high stability.
  • Seawater Desalination System -EBOOMYA
    Seawater Desalination System
    Seawater desalination systems are equipped with seasonal freshwater supplies for domestic use or tourism for island dwellers lacking fresh water, as well as freshwater requirements in remote areas or emergency situations.In a short time can quickly organize production and supply, less investment, quick results.

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