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cylinder group
  • Jumbo cylinder group -EBOOMYA
    Jumbo cylinder group
    Jumbo Cylinder Group To enable the storage and transportation of large amounts of natural gas, it is compressed into high-pressure tanks at pressures typically ranging between 200 and 250 bar. Features Light weight and cost efficient Long range and short refuelling corrosion resistant Technical Parameters Cylinder Qty.:2、3、4、6、8、9、10、12…… Single Cy1
  • Container type cylinder group -EBOOMYA
    Container type cylinder group
    Container Type Cylinder Group In order to meet the needs of unbalanced refueling of automobiles, CNG refueling stations must be equipped with a high-pressure gas storage system to store high-pressure gas pressurized by the compressor. A reasonable capacity of the gas cylinder group can not only increase the utilization rate and refilling speed of t1

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