Centrifuge industrial separating machine

The Automatic Centrifuge is controlled by a fully-automatic program, and has been widely used in such industries as pharmacy, fine chemistry and for operating principle.
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Centrifuge industrial separating machine

Centrifuge is used in explosive and flammable applications in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry and other industries, and prohibits any gas leakage into the external atmosphere during solid-liquid separation, or the explosion of solid-liquid separation applications may cause if external Air enters the centrifuge inside the chamber. Both ends of the bowl and the liquid outlet are sealed to achieve the effect of airtight and explosion-proof.

Features :

1. Platform base structure could lower the center of gravity and stabilize the machine. 4-point supporting, liquid vibration damping and no-foundation installation form; improved the vibration isolation and damping performance.

2. Independent inclined feed disk, even and controlled feed.
Air recoil and pneumatic auxiliary scraper: Minimizing the residual solid cake to facilitate filtering cloth regeneration.
Nitrogen protection system: ensuring the safety during the operation.

3. Big hinged cover and fully hinged cover constructions: Cleaning device is set inside centrifuge cavity to make online cleaning for the centrifuge and thus to avoiding cross contamination against the products.

4. Multiple safety protection devices: over-vibration protection, over-current protection, thermal control protection, cake layer controller, protection for scraper movement, protection when open the cover, various signs and warning identifications.

5. PLC control, touch screen, inverter control, dynamic braking, feedback braking, self-diagnosis of equipment fault, automatic control panel and DCS control interface.

6. Polished internal/external surfaces with roughness up to Ra0.2~0.4μm, complying with GMP.

Technical parameters:

Models Bowl Diameter (mm) L/D Ratio Bowl Speed (r/min) G-force Main Motor Power (kW) Weight (kg) Dimension (L*W*H) (mm)
EMY101 350 4.17 4000 3132 22-30 2500 3240*1010*1029
EMY102 420 4 3600 3600 30-37 2830 3500*1490*1303
EMY103 530 4 3200 3200 45-55 4200 4880*1230*1676
EMY104 720 4 2500 2500 90-110 11000 5280*2033*1720

Optional configurations:

◇ External construction: big hinged cover, fully hinged cover and flat cover, etc.
◇ Feed type: inclined feed disk, side feed and middle feeding.
◇ Washing mode: Atomized nozzle rinsing, feed disk washing, pulse type washing.
◇ Scraper discharge: Pneumatic or hydraulic.
◇ Motor drive: Common motor, inverter-duty motor, explosion-proof motor, dynamic braking or feedback braking
◇ Safety protection: Nitrogen protection system, explosion and vibration protection, temperature protection, electric-mechanical interlocking, rotation monitoring and overload protection.
◇ Surface treatment: Mirror finishing, matt finishing, and dulling.
◇ Electric element: Supplied by brand manufacturer.
◇ Residual solid cake treatment: Air counter-blowing, and Air blow device on scraper, roller device.
◇ Program control: Programmable control, and cake layer controller.
◇ CIP system: Cleaning ball and spray pipe.
◇ Nitrogen protection system: Automatic nitrogen supply device, oxygen detection device, hydraulic sealing device and gas-liquid separator.
◇ Coating treatment: HALAR lined or PE lined.

Operating process:


Industrial Centrifuge Machine applies to separating the suspension containing particles, but also fibers, especially the highly sticky, containing micro particles, poisonous and flammable materials, like antibiotics, vitamins, and minerals, salts, gourmet powders, foodstuff additives, amylum, sugar, chemical flavors, thiamin, plasters, Glauber's salt, bluestone, potassium chloride, borax, dyestuffs, pigment, resin, pesticides, and environmental protection. The centrifuge is highly automated, has large capacity and can be remote-controlled.

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