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  • Copper wire
    Copper Wire Brush
    1.Description  Wooden handle Wenwan wire brush Vajra Bodhi cleaning copper wire brush Wenwan cleaning stainless steel brush pure copper rust removal 2.Features ■Brush encryption ■Strong flexibility 3.Technical Parameters Material: wooden handle + copper wire bristles Steel brush pores: 96 holes 4.Applications Household、DIY and industrial use1
  • Iron brush
    Stainless Steel Wire Brush
    1.Description  Flat stainless steel wire wheel Parallel wire brush Derusting polishing wire drawing wheel Wood polishing brush Gourd peeling 2.Features ■Sharp ■Durable ■Efficient 3.Technical Parameters Diameter:100/125/150mm Aperture:16/25/32mm Material: stainless steel wire 4.Applications Suitable for metal deburring, sanding, rust removal an1
  • Soft brush
    Nylon Brush
    1.Description  Nylon brush, soft bristles, cleaning brush, small brush, small barbecue brush, row brush, industrial wool brush, paint brush, no trace 2.Features ■Good toughness ■No hair loss ■Wide applicability 3.Technical Parameters Hair length:23mm Hair width:15mm Total length:133mm Weight:4g 4.Applications Can be used for painting, DIY, pai1

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